Does Age Matters In Relationships?

Over the years I learnt that one of the factors that make a relationship complicated is age. A large percentage of the society believe that the man should be older than the woman in an intimate relationship. This makes age to be one of the factors that must be considered before starting a relationship or taking it to the next level.

Perhaps, the believe is due to the fact that men are seen as the head of the family. Or maybe, they feel maturity comes with age or the man would be less of a man if coupled with an older female. TBH, I’m not really sure.

My Experience: I’ve seen several older woman to man relationships that are successful. Although, some had or still have a controversial viewpoint by the society due to the age.

But, I think the society is getting less stiffened to this kind of relationship in recent times. And from my personal experience I think it doesn’t really matter how the society see this kind of relationship but depends on the willingness of the two persons involved. From personal experience if both parties are really interested they don’t make their age difference an issue. Although, they may have stomping block like family not approving of their relationship which is not really a hard hurdle to cross unlike some other societal factors.

However, if one(female) of the people has other flimsy reasons not to be in the relationship they could easily place the blame on ‘age’. I actually witnessed something of such recently that the female person couldn’t go through with the relationship and she kept telling me, “you should understand where I’m coming from, you know I’m older than him.”

I replied, “so, age is a big deal to you?”

“No, not like that.” She said.

Perhaps, without the age barrier she would have given the relationship a second thought.

Nevertheless, I believe there’s something wrong with age difference in relationships like this exceeding 10 years except in some rare cases.
Personally, I wouldn’t do more than 4 or maybe 5 years(


Posted by jeremiah shiaka


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