Can Men Endure the Pain of Childbirth?

This one’s for all the men out there! Imagine you were pregnant and actually had to give birth to a baby. Do you think you would be able to bear the pain of childbirth?

Some men in China got to answer that question for themselves, after they were hooked up to a childbirth simulator to experience what their pregnant partners go through, Daily Mail reports.

One of the participants screaming in agony

The hospital located in China’s Shandong Province performed the experience to show men how much pain their partners had to endure during childbirth, to make them have greater respect for them.

Doctors at the hospital revealed that “to recreate the contractions and pain of childbirth, hospital technicians used machines to stimulate the men’s abdomens with electric shocks to make it contract.”

Many of the participants reportedly cried during the experiment and only lasted a few minutes, before begging doctors to switch off the machine.

One of the men crying after the experiment

“This was incredible. I couldn’t stand much of it all. I understand now why my wife screamed for drugs when she was giving birth,” said one of the men.
Another man said:
“I must admit I was curious and if what I experienced is really what she goes through, then I have to say I have changed my attitude. It was really incredibly painful and I only had it for a few minutes. If it went on for hours I don’t know if I’d be able to bear it.”


Hey ladies, would you let your partner go through a similar experiment? And men, do you think you could handle it?

Photo Credit: Daily Mail/CEN/Marcoprati/



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