Lessons from our Strangest Political Movies to Remember on Election Day

The Stake

Our next national election of unprecedented significance is one week away. Non-presidential midterm elections sometimes lack inspiration for voters, and turnout tends to be down compared to presidential election years.

Which is unfortunate because midterm elections matter. The outcome of every election has consequences, from the most local of local elections to to the highest seats in our federal government. If nothing else, it matters that voters realize the consequences of our elections.  So go vote, and know that your vote matters if only because you choose to exercise the right to vote.

And when you do go vote (next Tuesday!) remember these lessons about political elections in the United States, from some of our strangest political movies

From Bulworth: Money is the Problem, Voting is the Solution

Senator Bulworth is out of favor. A Democrat of the 70s, he’s now become an entrenched career politician. Hiding affairs from the public (but…

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