Ghanaian Neo-Soul Singer Lady Jay Allegedly Assaulted by her Manager + Eye-Witness Account

Lady Jay, Ghanaian Neo-Soul singer known for her hit single “Oh My My My” took to her Twitter account a few hours ago to confirm reports that her manager, Talal Sangari assaulted her to the point that she had to be hospitalized at a military hospital in Ghana.

While the reason for the assault is still unknown, BN was able to get a hold of an alleged eye-witness account as to how it happened. According to the eye-witness it all started with an issue of transportation that the manager was going to be tight-fisted about. It allegedly got escalated when she was asking him why he was angry and when she moved closer he headbutted her, slapped her on the face and grabbed her by the neck.

Pictures of Lady Jay’s face after the assault have sparked a movement on Twitter and Instagram with several people calling for the arrest of her manager.

Nigerian celebrities have also come forward to show support for her and call for the arrest of her manager.
Rapper Ikechukwu took to his Instagram page to share her picture and his opinion saying, “I had to post this no matter what. I have three sisters . I have a mother. I was raised right. I would never raise my hand to a woman. Why would a man do this to such a small lil harmless woman even if she was verbally abusive ( and im not saying she was) infact i dunno what happened except for this . And its wrong . Period. A headbutt, punch and strangulation. And the man who did this is her manager. People should not stand for this and make sure this person receives justice. Thats all. @ladyjaylives so so sorry u had to go thru it. Follow suite if u are in support.”

Waje also shared the same picture as well as airing her views on the assault, “He should be arrested. bath him with onions and flog the living day light out of him while he is stack naked, an idiot of a malu parading like as man. Gben nnama.”

Lady Jay also used Twitter as a medium to thank people for their support.




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