Idea Trophy competition

What is Ideatrophy?

Unilever Ideatrophy is the No. 1 Leadership Challenge for university undergraduates! It is a challenging and creative experience, where participants competitively learn how businesses work in real life while developing great skills and competencies.

Each Edition, a leading Unilever brand is selected as the sole focus of the Ideatrophy challenge with an underlying target to drive creativity and innovation among the contestants.

The first edition was in 2011 with AXE, Lifebuoy powered the second edition  in 2012 and this year REXONA is on the spotlight, the finals were electrifying and the winners celebrated their victory in the heart of London.

Ideatrophy is not a simulation, but is 100% RCF (real/cool/fun) business experience. So, we advise you to challenge yourself before you start your own career!

 The previous two Editions were simply incredible! We saw young and innovative minds, from Universities across Nigeria, create breath taking campaigns and build transformational business plans to drive growth.

This is the 3rd edition of Unilever Nigeria’s Ideatrophy. It is the league of future leaders, powered by Rexona.

The title of this edition is ‘ Growth that doesn’t affect the Earth’ submission starts July 17th and closes 15th August.

The final team get to represent Nigeria in Singapore at the Future Leaders League 2015. There are also consolation prizes for other teams.

To register go to
Onaih Emmanuel
Head of Productions
Search FM 923
Minna, Niger State.


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