Name:samuel olumide obayomi
hight=5.6ft tall,
colour=chocolate,has brown eyes darkhair,
age=18yrs,date of birth=23/oct/1994 ,started muzik when I was 11yrs old did my first record when I was 16 years old holla@me is been produced by teddy banty in lokoja city were saucy ft emmylito and iceman on 22/jan/2012 saucy rep LIL P in d song LIL P been a member of team BME saucy jxt like lil p because he is from ilorin and saucy also lived in ilorin for like 7yrs so he do ear abt lil p and listen to his
songs he dedicated dis song to lil p and to his fans cux he really
tinks reping lil p in d song is d best for him to show the love he has
for d young rapper lil p ,saucy did his first record in jos he did it
with a producer known as vennie leslie who is now a south africa base
saucy wanted to quit music but his elder brother saw the future and
advice him to still remain and keep his dream saucy is so tarlented a
young rapper he raps with yOruba and anglish he has been featured by
many upcomming artist he sometimes. Travel out of his state cux he
base in lokoja,ilorin,jos,lag and abuja he is a respectfull artist his
mentor is late now wich is d well known late rapper Dagrin but he
still.calls d young fastest growing rapper d well knwn olamide badoo
as his mentor also support saucy and take him to the top where.he
belongs pls bros edit if neccessary thanks dis ma twitter
hardler=@iam__saucy and @iamsaucyfacb BB pin=233993D9,fb name:samuel
olumide obayomi, he was been signed by DJ J BOy entertainment in d year 2013 he was fomerlly with 2lips entertainment he is even still with them till his contract expires dis year 2013 dec but now he rep dj j boy ent to d fullest ad still rep 2lips till his cntract expires



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